Stories From Our Progams

The Heart of a Mother

We want to introduce you to Sifa. Sifa joined our co-op after her husband left her and her young family. Watch this beautiful short film in which Sifa shares her story of her past and how partnering with the co-op empowered her to change her family's future.

Etienne's Story

Etienne, an athlete in our academy, met tragedy. He was faced with an incredibly difficult decision between his dreams and taking care of his family. Learn how he took the love he received and gave it to others.

Eric from Kabuga

When Eric found out his father was HIV positive, he with his coach found a way to help his family.

Eric from Kimisagara

When Eric was living on the streets, his coach reached out to him and helped him reconcile back with his mother.

Alex's Story

Alex was living on the streets and part of a gang called the Marines. After joining the academy, he was able to reconcile with his family and dream for his future.

How We Operate

10 Year Anniversary Video

Celebrate 10 years of Kefa programming and find out all that is going on in Rwanda.

How It Works Video

Find out how our training centers impact boys and girls!

Kefa Academy

Our boarding academy for at-risk youth.

Kefa Academy

Our first video about Kefa Academy a boarding academy for formerly homeless kids. This was created one year after the academy creation in 2012.

The Making of HB3 Library

The making of our community library in Rwanda. Named after our friend Howell Brown the 3rd who passed away from childhood cancer.

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