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Seth Taylor

Dates: June 2019
Fundraising Goal: $2500
  • Percent Raised$2500 out of $2500

Why I Am Going

I am an author, Life Coach, and expert in psycho-education regarding trauma and healing. I will work with Kefa to educate the staff in the nature of trauma and healing and how to bring that understanding to their players and communities. I will be conducting trauma workshops and healing experiences for the coaches and staff of The Kefa Project in the summer of 2019 with the goal of increasing restorative wisdom to the streets of Rwanda.

Sarah and Olivia Lucia

Dates: June 2019
Fundraising Goal: $700
  • Percent Raised$0 out of $700

Why We Are Going

We are a mother daughter team full of faith, hope, encouragement and smiles to share. We love playing soccer wherever we go and understand sports to be a universal language that can speak confidence, reconciliation, unity, strength, hope and so much more. We were on the first trip to Rwanda with the Kefa Project (at that time called Play for Hope) and can't wait to get back. We are so excited to meet the next generation of young leaders in Rwanda and allow them to grow and learn as they show us how they are motivators of positive change in the lives of many in their country.

Dave Alsobrooks

Dates: June 2019

Why Dave Is Going

Dave will be coming to Rwanda to teach art with our athletes as they learn together about culture, artistic expression and the healing power of art.