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    What's Next For Our Athletes?


    Graduating High School
    Going To College

    Vocational School

    Finishing Vocational School
    Going to Apprentice

    Upon graduation, students will have a one month intensive course on identity in God, budgeting, investing, and basic life skills.

    Graduates will live together in houses in groups of three. Each house will be given a living stipend to budget, pay living expenses, and create savings.

    After six months, we will match the money that the graduates have been able to save from their living stipend.

    We will help the students invest a portion of their savings into their own income producing projects so that they can become financially self-sustaining.

    Your Investment

    Living Stipend

    An initial living stipend will be provided to all graduates to learn how to budget for all living expenses and save.

    Matching Savings/Capital

    Athletes’ savings will be matched to allow them to invest in income producing projects. In addition capital earned from projects, will be matched to allow for reinvestment and athletes to become financially self-sustaining.

    College Apprenticeship

    We will pay for athletes’ university or apprenticeship to allow for them to grow their skill set.

    Social Worker

    We will hire a full-time employee to follow graduates as they make their transition. In addition, salaries for academy employees will be increased to better meet increased cost of living.

    Our Methodology

    (1) Kefa means firm foundation and we desire every youth to build their lives on a firm foundation. Every youth is first taught about their identity in God - that they are created in God’s image, beloved, and ultimately made whole in God’s grace.

    (2) Second, we provide education both formal and vocational and teach why vocation is important based upon our identity in God

    (3) Next, we teach financial skills such as budgeting, saving, and investing. We teach the importance of both being wise with what we are given and trusting in God’s provision.

    (4) Finally, we work with our youth to invest and manage capital so that they can create work opportunities as they pursue their future and learn how to serve others how Christ served them.