Female Empowerment

Raising The Next Generation of Female Leaders
Playing sports has not been easy for our girls. Many of them have very little community support for what they do. We are proud to stand with them as they fight to pioneer female sports in Rwanda. Female Sports have been shown to (1) :

Improve Girl's Self-Image

Sports help girls to have confidence in their bodies, their leadership, and their ability to set goals and achieve them.

Change Community Perceptions

Females who play sports are granted greater status in families and given more decision making opportunities.

Reduce Violence

Sports have been shown to increase the ability of communities to understand the need to reduce violence against females.

Promote Reproductive Health

Sports can teach females about reproductive health and keep at-risk girls out of lifestyles like prostitution.

Here's How We Promote Female Sports

Starting Female Teams

The biggest way to empower females to play sports is to give them a place to play sports. We have started 5 teams in Kigali to give females just that opportunity. The teams are places where girls can come and find that they are not alone in their problems or in their dreams and begin to develop their skills together to transform their communities.

Female Coach Training

We have selected and trained female coaches from our sites and teams to develop leadership in women's soccer. Female coaches run both female and male teams to impact their communities.

Job Training

We have conducted job trainings for females so that they can have opportunities in and out of sports. Such trainings have included professional referee training and film training. We work to help females break into new fields.