Everyone has talents, Education develops them.
We do a variety of formal and informal education for our athletes. Let's walk through the basic types of education we offer.

Financial - Entrepreneurship

So here is the thing: We are all about kids going to school and kids getting vocational training (you will see that below). But the reality in Rwanda is, if you cannot create work opportunities for yourself and know how to save your money, you will have a really hard time putting your skills to use. We are working to make sure our kids know how to manage their finances so that they can have success once they start working. We are preparing to launch team projects, where our teams learn entrepreneurship and money management together.


We help our kids to go back in school and remain in school. The teams provide a great place to encourage and teach the youth discipline to remain in school. In addition, coaches will actively follow which kids are in school. We have helped kids return to school by: 1. Helping kids start small businesses that cover school expenses. 2. Seeking out local resources to assist in providing for school. 3. At times providing child sponsorship.

Vocational Training School

We set up our own vocational training program for film for a select number of our youth. That team is currently working on starting their own business. In addition, we have sent youth to various training schools to learn professions such as car mechanics, plumbing, and electricians. It is a great way for a young person to find a career they can pursue and provide for their family.

Life Skills

We provide life skills training for our athletes so that they can have a healthy future. Life skills trainings include child rights and protection, disease prevention, basic hygiene, and leadership training. Trainings are done at the completion of practice or at special events.