Love God, Love One Another
We disciple with a team approach. Making sure that different people and parts of the community work in coordination to show our kids love in every aspect of their lives. Here is who involved in the discipleship process:


The person who will interact the most with our athletes is that athlete's coach. To that end, we make sure that we are constantly discipling our coaches so that as their relationship with God grows their team can also grow. Coaches attend weekly devotions to discuss the word of God, are trained how to care for youth, and are treated with the love and respect that they can then take to their team.


We are working to start a chaplaincy program that allows specially trained individuals to come along the side of our coaches to assist in discipling the team. Chaplains roles include following the lives of youth to be there when problems occur and assisting in preparing devotionals for teams.

Church Partners

We cannot do it alone. We work with local churches to establish partnerships that allow churches to use their resources to bless our youth. This extends well beyond typical discipleship but also includes assisting in finding jobs and in family reconciliation.