A Conversation

A Conversation on Race and Cross-Cultural Work
Part 2

July 29th | 8:00-9:30 PM EDT

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Kefa was founded on a desire to learn, understand, and amplify voices that are often unheard. We have from the beginning worked on a core philosophy to interact cross-culturally justly including in systems of oppression. And to seek forgiveness when we do so incorrectly. Through this we have found that discussion where we gather together equally can cause us to grow together

While the majority of our work is based in Rwanda (and we do not claim expertise on systemic racism), several of our board members and partners work in anti-racism and in education in the US. We have decided to host an open conversation with some of our board members to discuss racism, cross cultural work, systemic issues, and how to learn, dialogue, and elevate voices. This is an opportunity hopefully for all of us to grow towards justice.

The event will include:

A prerecorded conversation between Rodney Alexander and Brian Beckman on personal experience. A call held over Zoom with opportunities to discuss in break out groups reflections and an opportunity to ask questions. Our friend and Professor María J Durán and Board Member and Professor Glenn Butner will join us on the call to answer questions.

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Please note opinions expressed during conversation are individuals not as representatives of Kefa.

A Conversation With

Rodney Alexander

Kefa Vice President - Ordained Minister - Youth Development

Brian Beckman

Kefa Director - Occasional Writer/Filmmaker

Joining Us on Zoom

María J Durán

Friend of Kefa - Professor of Latinx Cultural Studies

Glenn Buter

Kefa Treasurer - Professor of Theology


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