Kefa (kay-fuh) (v): To Build A Firm Foundation

Our vision is to see the youth of Rwanda come to know and love God so that they can become leaders who will change their country and the world.

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Hear What Our Kids Have To Say

Watch the video and find out what Kefa means to our kids

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Watch the video and hear what Kefa means to our kids


How We Work

In Six Steps

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  • at-risk-youth

    STEP 1

    An At-Risk Kid

    Our programs start because of a real need. There are so many kids that are at-risk in Rwanda. Whether because they are orphans, parents are in prison, they are on the streets, they are out of school, they are impoverished, or they just are growing up in a tough place – there are countless youth who need love.

  • Coach

    STEP 2

    Invitation To Join a Team

    Here is the thing. Kids love sports! We create sports teams near where at-risk kids live. Our Rwandan coaches, who are already from that area, invite  kids to join their team. We provide a great environment for kids to improve their skills in twice per week trainings and play in matches.

  • Community

    STEP 3

    Community Forms

    Our sports teams become families. Places where at-risk kids can share their problems and find out that they are not alone in their struggles. Resources begin to be shared within the team community and kids begin to take care of one another.

  • Discipleship

    STEP 4


    Athletes experience the love of Christ and learn what it means to be poured into and then what it means to pour into others. Our hope is to grow compassion, grace, and mercy in communities to see transformation from within.

  • Education

    STEP 5


    Athletes discover their value in their community. Through this, they are able to discover their talents and begin to pursue their education. Education can include traditional education, entrepreneurship training, or vocational education.

  • complete-4

    STEP 6


    Children that once thought they had no future, now have a future. We see whole human beings transformed spiritually, economically, and psychologically ready to impact their world.


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Of Our In Country Staff Is African

  • All of Our Coaches coach in areas where they live.
  • We partner with Rwandan led NGOs and Churches.
  • Our teams are working on business plans for sustainable income.